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Join the 10 Park Challenge Fundraising Event!

Support our Bring it Outside Family Hiking Workshops!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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his July, will you help support our Family Hiking Workshops through the 10 Park Challenge? Think of it as a "visit-a-park-athon", where you raise $10 per park you visit for a total of $100! Not only does it keep you motivated to make it to all 10 parks this month, but you are also making a big impact by supporting Hike it Baby!

What is the 10 Park Challenge? It’s simple - find 10 parks in your area and visit them this month! Throughout the month, we will be sharing information on how to advocate for greenspace in your area, brand new activity sheets and blogs and celebrating our birthday with our annual Together We Hike trail cleanups.

Interested in donating but not fundraising? We appreciate the support, and are sending a 10 Park Challenge sticker to everyone who donates or fundraises at least $10!

We would love to have you take the 10 Park Challenge to the next level and help support our Bring it Outside Family Hiking Workshops! Think of it as a "visit-a-park-athon", where you raise just $10 per park to meet a $100 goal. If you ask 10 friends to donate $10 to support your 10 park quest, you will be there in no time!

Starting a fundraiser is easy to do, and it's fun! We’ve done all the hard work for you – email and social media templates are available to copy and paste to share about your fundraiser. With your help we can help families take their first steps outside while benefitting from time spent in nature, together!

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