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Help Hike it Baby Turn the Blues Green!

This Mother's Day, help us support new mamas and their babies

$1,870 raised

$15,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

This Mother's Day, Hike it Baby is looking for your help to Turn the Blues Green!

Let’s be honest, those early postpartum days can be hard. Your heart has grown so much it is ready to burst. You are so excited about this new little life, and your new family. But you aren’t sleeping, you are recovering from an epic pregnancy adventure and birth, and your hormones are WILD.

In 2014 I gave birth to my first child. While I was still in the hospital, they showed me a video about the possibility that my baby might cry inconsolably for hours and I might not be able to do anything to stop her. I looked over at my mom with panic and she told me not to worry, I could just take the baby outside and we’d both feel calmer. It worked like magic! Spending time outside is still the magic touch that makes both me and my kids feel better. It was the best advice I have received about being a parent and it’s advice I want everyone to know, from the moment they have their newborn in their arms. - Jessica Carrillo Alatorre, HiB Executive Director

This is what our Turn the Blues Green program is all about! We help new moms know that from one mother to another, Mother Nature is there to help calm nerves, provide a breath of fresh air, and shine some sun into the cloudy moments.

What is Turn the Blues Green?

Turn the Blues Green is our program focused on maternal mental health that introduces new parents to the benefits of time spent in nature for both themselves and their new babies. Our goal is to bring mom and baby out into nature to connect to each other and the outdoors by empowering new parents to feel confident in taking those first steps outside with their baby!

How does the Turn the Blues Green program work?

Hike it Baby partners with healthcare providers and community groups to provide workshops to postpartum mamas, which include:

- Facilitator led workshops focused on the benefits of getting outside and how to make it happen with a new baby

- Physical resources like our Turn the Blues Green Booklet, bilingual resource pages and digital resources to supplement learning

- Providing gear (infant carriers, inserts and more) at no cost to help families get outdoors

- Establishing a connection to the local Hike it Baby branch for these parents or help form a new community to support these families if needed

This Mother’s Day we have one wish - that every new parent has a chance to know about the healing benefits of time outside with their newborn.

Thanks to the generous support of one of our awesome donors, we already have $5,000 and they have challenged us to raise the next $10,000. And as a THANK YOU for donating, if you donate $100 or more, you will be entered to win our 'Bring Baby Outside' Grand Prize, which is full of gear to help a new mom get outdoors with baby for the first year of their life.

This awesome prize pack includes a Little Mo Sleeping Bag from Morrison Outdoors, an Onya Cruiser, a Burley Hip Pack & Hydroflask, a Joovy Kooper Stroller, Baby Wellies from Joules, Stonz booties and baby sunglasses, a baby rainsuit from Oaki, $100 gift certificate from Rerouted and Bare Steps shoes from Merrell!

Prefer to mail a check? Please send it to:

Hike it Baby, 422 NW 13th St. Suite 755, Portland, OR 97209