Because Children Don't Come with a Manual

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Because Children Don't Come with a Manual

Welcome to Hike it Baby's Adopt-A-Parent Program!

The struggle is real folks! Though these parent adoptions may not be... ;)

As an organization, we are in an exciting time of incredible growth. What was once a community hike meet-up group has grown to a full-fledged national nonprofit, with programming that supports new parents, maternal mental health, families from underrepresented and marginalized communities, hiking workshops, and of course our AMAZING community-led hikes and volunteers.

We’ve got your back, and now, we need you to have ours! Your ongoing support will help us reach, connect with, empower and support so many new families. What families you may ask? Well, let us introduce you.

**DISCLAIMER (Because we know it's hard to think straight on 3 hours of sleep!): The below are levels of support with a funny twist, not REAL packages, not REAL people.

Michelle, Parent of a Newborn

Meet Michelle. Michelle is a sleep-deprived mother of a brand-new, screeching, tiny human who just soiled their 3rd adorable newborn outfit today. For just $5 per month, you can support moms like Michelle with our:

BABY HAD A BLOWOUT KIT- Oversized onesies, a toddler diaper, and some dried-out wipes from your friend’s diaper bag. We’ve all been there and when they are only a few months old, no newborn cares so long as the diaper is dry.

**Even though this kit isn’t real, what IS real is our Turn the Blues Green program that supports moms just like Michelle with new mom hikes, Bring Baby Outside workshops and a slew of free online resources, how-to videos, blogs and our Turn the Blues Green booklet. We’re partnering with hospitals, health care providers, doulas and other nonprofits to reach as many mamas as we can to empower them to get outside with their newborns, for their own health and the health of their babies.

Daniel, Parent of a Toddler

Meet Daniel, they finally got outside to a nearby trail with their toddler, a fiercely independent new walker who toddled down the trail, made it 1/2 mile from the car, and now sits exhausted in the dirt. For just $10 per month you can support parents like Daniel before all hope is lost with our totally awesome:

OH S*** SNACK KIT - Snacks to save a toddler parent’s sanity and avoid meltdowns. Everyone loves goldfish and gummy bears, even adults! This kit comes ready to share because we all know you can’t just feed one toddler at a time. They all want what the other kid is eating.

**Even though this kit isn't real, what is real are our AMAZING community-led hikes and Family Hiking Workshops that provide the supportive and encouraging environment needed to help parents (and their toddlers too!) take those first steps outdoors. Hike it Baby programming provides so many resources to families of toddlers, along with a wealth of communal wisdom, (because we've all been there, so we've got your back!), to make sure families have all the tools to get outside, toddle next to their toddlers, and have fun in nature together!

Kayla, Parent of a Preschooler

Meet Kayla, parent to a young explorer with the incredible attention span of 10-15 minutes who loves to get outside, get dirty, collect ALL the pine cones, and never leaves a muddy puddle un-stomped. For $25 per month, you can keep parents like Kayla out exploring with our:

EWW DON'T TOUCH THAT!! KIT - Hand sanitizer, extra clothes, or that "Screw-it! Ride Home Naked" bundle. We all know that toddlers pick up questionable items. Is it poop? Is it rocks? I guess we won't know until it’s time to do laundry and we get a look at what’s in those pockets.

**Even though this kit isn’t real, what IS real is that Hike it Baby partners with land managers, early childhood educators, nature conservation groups, and more to create workbooks, activities, month-long events, summer programs, and SOOO much more so parents can Bring it Outside with their kids.

We know that playing, learning, and being silly together outdoors as a family creates connections between a little one’s identity and the natural world. We also know that if you grow up going outdoors, running barefoot in the grass, hiking at nearby city trails, splashing in streams, learning the names of the trees on your street and the plants growing between the cracks on your sidewalk, you start to identify as someone who belongs in outdoor spaces and who cares about nature.

Mateo: Parent of ALL THE KIDS

Meet Mateo, juggling babies and toddlers and preschoolers all at once, trying their best to make sure everyone is having fun (a never-ending task!), preventing meltdowns, all while keeping kids of different ages toddling, hiking, walking, running forward, kind-of, sort-of along the trail. You pass them and look deep into their eyes and know that for $50 per month you can get those parents exactly what they need, our:

PACK TO SAVE YOUR SANITY- WOW! You’ve got your hands full with ALL those kids at once! Here’s a handy pack where you can stuff the extra clothes, store snacks for each kid and their unique palate, and keep every treasure they bring you on the trail. We also include a HUGE thermos of coffee (with 6 shots of espresso per serving) to bring life to those exhausted parent eyes.

**Even though this kit isn't real, what is real is that getting outside looks different for all families. What works for some doesn't work for others, the effort it takes, the distance to travel, natural spaces available, the cost, the gear needed, it all varies.

We're partnering with other nonprofits, outdoor companies, nature educators, and more to develop programming that lowers barriers for families, making getting outside and spending time in nature something all families get to do. We're redefining who gets to be called "Outdoorsy" and we'd love your support to redefine it with us!